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Timer to PA Horn Cable

This audio cable plugs connects from the Polaris timer console into a line-level audio input on your PA system ("Aux", "CD In", "Tape In", "Left", "Right", etc.). Note: This cable is typically included with most timing systems. You may not need to order it here.

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External Horn (Discontinued)

Purchase the Timer to PA horn cable (above) to sound horn tones over your PA system or any amplified speaker with an RCA phono-jack ("Aux", "CD In", "Tape In", "Left", "Right", etc.) or microphone jack. Please call us with any questions. 


To sound a horn or buzzer tone as required by several events, the Polaris timer console provides a direct audio connection into your PA system (sound system) so that the horn tone will sound over the speakers in your arena. You can also connect to most any amplified speaker if you do not have access to the PA system. The Polaris provides three different horn tones you can choose from.