Sun Shield for Wireless Electric Eyes

When the electric eyes are setup with more than 100 feet between them, a late afternoon sun shining directly into the Photo-Receiver can reduce the working range between the eyes. (The Photo-Receiver is the electric eye with the antenna)

A simply remedy is to swap the electric eyes with each other so that the sun shines into the face of the Photo-Transmitter instead (the electric eye without the antenna). Or, you can construct a sun shade for the Photo-Receiver as shown here.

Print this web page using the Print option of your browser. Two pages will print on your printer:

Page 1: The sunscreen to cut out and fold. For best results - though not required - print page one on card stock or heavy paper.

Page 2: Folding instructions.

Sun Shield Assembly Instructions
  1. Cut out the sun shield on the solid lines. Punch out the two holes shown. A single hole paper punch is ideal for this task. Or, the center punch of a three hole paper punch can be used when the piece is inserted from its left edge when oriented as shown above.

  2. Fold down and crease along all dashed lines.

  3. Overlap the two holes as shown.

  4. The shield slips onto the front of the electric eye and over the bolt at the top of the tripod that threads into the bottom of the eye.