Timing Systems for Fast CAT

What's Included:

  • Polaris Timing Console
  • Two Fast CAT light curtains
  • Two photo-transmitters
  • Two tripods
  • Hard shell carrying case with custom foam cutouts
  • Batteries for all equipment

Add optional magnetic base Quick Mounts (two per curtain, four total, $15 each)

Add optional strap-on base Quick Mounts (two per curtain, four total, $15 each)


Note: The green post shown in one of the pictures is not part of the system. The Fast CAT light curtain is also used for a rodeo event called "roping." The rodeo picture shown is the only good photo we presently have that shows hows the light curtain works. Please send us your pictures of the light curtain in use so we can update this page!


Do you need a timing system for Fast CAT events but not for agility trials? Our new Fast CAT timing system can save you hundreds of dollars off the cost of an agility timer, and at the same time, offer several advantages versus the agility timer when timing Fast CAT.

The unique light curtain design uses a single point light source (the photo-transmitter) which sends a beam of light that spreads out and is picked up by the two foot vertical extent of the receiving light curtain. This design increases the beam span of the curtain and reduces its cost. However, it does require that the single point light source be placed beyond the width of the track for proper operation as illustrated below. For more information, take a look at the Fast CAT User's Manual.

Side view of the light beam pattern
Looking down on the track from above

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